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Oily Skin 101 | How to Build Your Basic Skincare Routine

Are you fed up with foundation looking cakey on your oily skin no matter what you do? Does your makeup break down into an oily mess in a blink of an eye? Nothing seems to work, not even layers of powder nor setting spray nor the most boujee makeup you've ever splurged on?  The answer to your problems may come as a surprise because it has to do more with your skincare than your makeup.Of course, the makeup you use is important, but nearly not as important as your skincare. In today's post I'm bringing you everything there is to know about oily skin and how to build your basic skincare routine.
Contents: Understanding Oily SkinSkincare Basics for Oily SkinThings to Avoid Morning Skincare RoutineMild CleanserSoothing TonerLightweight MoisturizerMineral-Based SPF Evening Skincare RoutineOil-Based Makeup Remover Mild Cleanser Soothing Toner Gentle TreatmentHydrating Sleeping Mask/PackOther Things to Keep in Mind 
UNDERSTANDING OILY SKIN Out of the four basic skin types (normal, d…

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